Our Readers and Healers

Laura McKim

Laura offers Angel Light Energy Healing, deep channeled through the light of the Angels. Akashic Record Reading and Reiki Certified, Laura combines both modalities and has a gentle way of sharing all she receives from the Spiritual Realm. She has been giving energy healing sessions in Ojai for the last 4 years, helping people with the next phase in their lives. Compassionate and non-judgmental, she has been on a healing journey of her own and made it through a life-threatening illness that started over 10 years ago.

Receive 30 to 60 minutes of pure Akashic Light and Angelic healing to open your heart, clear away confusion and release hidden tension to help you open to new possibilities in your life. Laura will feel your Ethereal Resonance to offer new insights; help you see your life challenges in a new way and nourish and support your whole Being and help you align with your life path. "Laura will leave you with an overwhelming sense of wholeness, peace and fulfillment." Jenny A.

Also, a pet energy healer, Laura practices animal communication and will hold a session online with you and your precious furry one, helping shift behavioral patterns.

"Together we can make a shift in whatever you may be going through. I recommend that you have questions ready in a session to help guide us to what is most prevalent in your life." lovingly, Laura McKim

Sarah Kalvin

Since 1977, Sarah has used advanced, astrological techniques to share with her clients the life potentials revealed in their birth charts. From there, Sarah shines light on future planetary activations using current transits and progressions.

Sarah enhances her astrology readings with the addition of tarot card imagery. This comprehensive approach combines practical advice with spiritual perspectives, giving clients a well-round understanding of their inherent characteristics and capabilities.

Sarah has lectured for the American Federation of Astrologers and has been contributing articles to their periodicals since 1991 with the Fall of the Soviet Union and most recently in 2021, with the Birth and Remaking of America. She has given talks for the Esoteric Association of the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, focusing on the 1999 total Solar Eclipse across Europe, and the future of the United Nations.

Sarah Kalvin writes an astrology blog that contains over a hundred posts analyzing known individuals in the fields of politics, entertainment, science, and the arts.
Discover your child’s life potentials; find an appropriate time to start a business; sign contracts; and find the best time to marry. All through astrological and tarot card insights.

Kara Bauer

Kara is a health and wellness professional whose goals are to support people in accessing their inner wisdom, find freedom through spiritual practice and growth, and live an energetic and vital life. Originally from Seattle, WA, she has over 20 years of combined study and certification in diet, nutrition, spirituality, yoga, ontological coaching and transpersonal psychology. In 2016, she received a M.D. in Transpersonal Psychology at Sophia University. As a lifetime entrepreneur committed to making a difference in the lives of others, she founded Cocina Verde (a vegan/raw meal delivery service in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Crystalya (crystal box collections), The Crystal Corner (crystal retail store) and is co-founder of her latest venture, Cosmic Lab (inner-dimensional wellness club).

Kara has recently embraced the ancient Book of Destiny, a very accurate method of forecasting and self-understanding that predates all other card systems including Tarot. With origins dating back to Atlantean times, over 20,000 years ago, it only recently gained public awareness in the late 1800s. Based on the regular playing cards, each person’s specific birth date aligns with a card in the deck, which contains a lifetime “map” pointing to important events, relationships, years of success, abundance, good/poor health, beginnings, endings, etc. 52 cards = 52 weeks in a year, 4 suits = 4 seasons, 13 cards = 13 moons as well as 13 weeks in a season, red = day, black = night. Please note that this system aligns with Western astrology specifically.

Yeshua X

In 2017, Yeshua parted from traditional institutions and decided to go his own way. He walked 500 miles in the middle of Winter across the Santiago trail of Spain with a Catholic priest, and upon completion of it, he felt like he had awakened into an entirely new state. Through that rebirth, he decided to upend his pursuit of the Law, and instead went out trekking in the Himalaya’s, while exploring more esoteric, spiritual and transformational work that helped him heal past trauma while uplifting his soul. That’s when he came into Human Design and has been immersed in it ever since. For the past seven years, he’s been contemplating the entire matrix of humanity, while integrating the gene keys into his life. “I come here now to help birth the coming of the Synarchy!”

Iza Bella

Itza is an artist and innovator who devotes her time and creativity to the expansion of consciousness, and the exploration into the true nature of reality.

On a life-long quest to uncover the miraculous, mysterious, authentic and extraordinary... she tests the world's magic for repeatable miracles to share with the community.

A student and initiate of many systems and traditions - the HBOA method is a 'system of systems' - an amalgamation of her knowledge, formatted to empower individuals with simple instructions and tools to self-govern, self-heal and self-realize.

Amber Lennon

Amber’s mother introduced her to the I Ching at an early age, but she wasn’t formally taught to read and interpret the Oracle until her early twenties when she called upon spiritual teacher and I Ching expert, Helga Scow Stern, in Ojai, CA.

For years, she studied and practiced with her own guidance, as she asked the Oracle about situations in her life and then watched the outcome unfold to see how the wisdom of the I Ching translates into our modern world. She performed seasonal rituals related to individual hexagrams to gain a deeper understanding of their meaning within the context of ancient Chinese thought and practice.

She has now been guiding others and herself with intuitive I Ching readings for over 18 years, and its wisdom has always stood the test of life.

Diana Rosa

Diana is creatress, an artist of many mediums but mostly her sacred intentional crystal jewlery and clothing line called Ascended Alchemist. Her soul path is to help raise the planets vibration and consciousness through healing crystal energy, body adornment and ancient sacred rituals.

With high vibrations, positive energy and activated intentions she will help you to connect with your higher self, your deep inner wisdom and intuition. She then will guide you on your own personal journey through an oracle card reading of your choosing. She only serves as a spirit guide for you are the writer in your book of life.

Karina Duffy

Karina offers her intuitive insight to see a clear vision and direction for your life plan. Her intent is to help you align to your higher purpose of your life. After the session, you will feel empowered, excited and restored with more clarity, joy and direction for your life.

Karina was born in Dublin, Ireland and is from a long line of Celtic intuitive healers and psychics. When Karina works with you in a healing/reading, she immediately starts connecting with your spirit guides to help bring insightful heartfelt guidance.

Karina offers trauma & grief release, intuitive readings, medium and past life regression work, sound healing, animal intuitive/healing, reiki and life coaching services.

Mara Bijoux

Mara is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Italy. She started her journey in Rome as a professional writer of children entertainment and literature, and she relocated to Los Angeles in 2009, to follow her dream to become a pop surreal artist. Magic happened when a few years later she moved to Mexico to take part in an artist residency, and she worked with a shaman for a few months, healing from past wounds and searching for a higher purpose. Here she discovered the magical healing power of tarots and she started studying the complex language of these divine cards.

Was only in 2020, as the pandemic created opportunities for transformation, when the Universe decided that time had come for Maracole to be initiated to the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, founder of the "psycho-shamanism" and scholar of the Marseille Tarots' symbology.

A comprehensive book by Jodorowsky on tarot symbology was gifted to her that changed her perspective on tarots for good. Maracole has been studying the Jodorowsky method ever since, improving her skills as a tarot reader with the layered vocabulary that the marvelous Marseille Deck has to offer to a reader.

Eager to gift the world with her discovery, she has been offering readings with the Jodorowsky's method, in the belief that everyone should be able to remove the veil of logical thinking from the subconscious mind, to look at things the way they really are.

Click here to view a video about Mara's services.